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Pro Lite - Essential Stix Package

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Designed by an NHL Stanley Cup winning Strength & Conditioning Coach and a former NASA Space Shuttle Design Engineer for superior performance, simplicity, and versatility, and to give you the most effective full body workout you have ever experienced … in less time!

With Core Stix, upright functional strength training and calorie burning are easier than ever before.  Core Stix’s revolutionary design allows you to provide strength, weight loss, balance and other performance improving exercises while standing on your feet, providing life improving strength and balance benefits to just about any user.

Studies also prove that training in the upright position results in better core muscle activation and strength, and better functional performance.  

The bottom line is, working out in the upright position is the best way to improve your functional strength and balance.  And, because you are using your entire body’s muscular system, you will also burn more calories while you are doing it!

Core Stix is also compact and very portable.  With its integrated handles, this model can be easily carried and stored against the wall, under the bed, or just about anywhere you have a little space.  

Get started today on getting in the best shape of your life with Core Stix!

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