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This is an excellent accessory for diagnosis and treatment of balance and core strength deficiencies.

The Core Stix Turntable (TM) disc is built of solid steel and is 100% Made in USA.  Even the 1,000 lb capacity, 12 inch wide bearing is made from steel.  Why is so important?  In addition to the durability and strength of it, making the Turntable from steel allows us to keep the overall height, or profile, very low compared to designs using plastic, wood, or other materials.  The Core Stix Turntable 
stands only 1/2 inch tall and has a 12 inch wide bearing surface, making it more stable, and safer and easier to use.  

The diameter of the Turntable is 14.5 inches.  Includes built-in handles to make it easier to carry around.

Bearing diameter = 12 inches (for greater stability)

Height = 1/2 inch.

The Turntable comes with anti-skid rubber bumpers on the bottom surface, to prevent the Turntable from sliding on the platform of your Core Stix machine during use.

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